D Ring mount

The D Ring mount version of the mount is used with the the swivel pan tilt adapter to make it easier to adjust the angle of the GoPro. We can use this mount to avoid capturing your feet while riding the hoverboard. This angle will give us a great "up shot" view of  sky when recording.

Be aware the weight of the camera may cause shake in your footage while riding over bumpy ground with this mount. We recommend using the smaller GoPro Session or similar body type cameras when using this version of the mount to avoid excessive shake.

We can minimize camera shake by using the hb-gopromount.stl version of the mount.

Attach cold shoe mount

Insert the D-ring into the hole by fastening through. Place cold shoe mount over the flat side of the part and fasten D-Ring into the thread of the cold shoe mount.

Tighten the D-ring to the cold shoe mount bracket as much as you can to aviod camera shake or the bracket can loosen over time.

Attach swivel pan tilt

Slide the cold shoe piece of the swivel head into the  cold shoe bracket and make tighten the side screw. You can use a flat head screwdriver to tighten it.

Add Camera

Attach a tripod adapter to mount the GoPro camera and fasten it to the swivel head. We recommend using a small cube body cameras like the GoPro Session to keep the amount of weight down and avoid excessive camera shake.

Insert NinjaFlex insole grip

Place the insole on the inside of the clamp. Align and orient the openings together. You can optionally glue the pieces together.

Final Assembly

Now it's ready to be clamped onto the hoverboard!

GoPro camera mount

This mount has the GoPro camera mount directly on the clamp. It provides smoother image stabilization because it's closer to the hoverboard. We'll have to be sure to properly frame our shoots to aviod getting your feet in frame.

To make mounting easier, we recommend using the long attachment thumb screw that is included with your GoPro.

Attaching mount to hoverbaord

Position the mount bofore clamping in place so the camera is framed towards the front of the hoverbaord.

Pull the two ends of the mount apart like shown in the animated GIF and connect the two clips together so they slide into each other. Firmly join them together to lock them into place.

Unlock the the two pieces by sliding them apart when you're ready to remove the clamp from the hoverboard.

Final Assembly

That's it! Now you're ready to get some smooth stabilized shots!

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