Solder Wires


Measure and cut the Alligator wires short. Use ribbon cables and jumper wire to connect the NeoPixel PCBs into a shared connection. 

Thread wires

Pass the wires through the cutout for the boosters.


Use three M2x8mm long screws to attach the two booster parts to the Heel


Pressfit NeoPixel 

The NeoPixel PCB press fits into the booster cap. Align the threads to the booster and twist to the right to tighten. 

CPX Mount


Attach the 3/8" to 1/4" Adapter Screw into the center of the CPX mount.

The battery holder attaches to the mount with M2.5x5mm long screws.

Tripod Adapter Washer


The 3D printed washer fits over the 1/4" to 1/4" Screw adapter and then attaches to the Circuit Playground case. The washer helps to space out the case when mounted. 

Attach mount to Heel


The mount fits between the heel and is attached with two M2.5x5mm screws.

Alligator Clips


Attach the alligator clips to the pads on the Circuit Playground.

The 420mAh lipod battery fits in the holder with the cable facing up.

Use a JST extension cable to reach the JST port on the Circuit Playground. 

Attach Heel


The heels attach to the three threads on the back of the shoes.

Use six M3x7mm PC Thumb screws to securely attach the heel assembly.


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