Adjust Handle

Download the vector files to change the feel of the handle by measuring how wide your hand and fingers are while making a fist.

Smooth Out Curves

Make sure all vector points are smooth and without any sharp curves or waves. Use the convert point tool to adjust the bézier curve. Watch gif above for an example.

Convert Curves

Once you're happy with the measurments and curves, convert the outines into a compound path. 

Extrude Handle

Use your favorite modeling software to extrude and adjust the bevel features. We used Maya's bevel plus options to add bevel width and depth based on our hand measurements.

Creating NinjaFlex Grips

We'll create the geometry for the flexible handle grips by extracting and extruding the geometry from the flat side of the handle.

Extract Face

Select a copy of the handle and then selecting the front face of the handle model. Select the extract option to seperate the face from the rest of the geometry.

We'll use this face to create the surface for the NinjaFlex grips.

Delete the rest of the faces. We can duplicate a mirror of the grip once we finish adding the bevel features.

Bevel Surface

With the face selected, click on the extrude option. Click on the middle modifier handle and scale the face down a tad bit.

While still selected, move the extruded face foward to create the first bevel curve.

Bevel edges

Use the modeling tool kit to add bevels to the sides of the handle.

Mirror Copy

Once you're happy with your design, duplicate the model using the mirror geometry option or just scale negatively along the Z axis.

Check Normals to avoid geometry issues when slicing your model, make sure that normals are all pointing outwards.

In Maya you can check which way the normals are pointing under: Display > Polygons > Face Normals.

Normals should all point outward or your slicing program will not properly render the geometry correctly.

Grip detail

Now we can add the curved indent on the grips by subtracting out half of the surface using a cylinder. Use an additional smaller cylinder to add the screw detail into the grips.

Combine handle

Select the revolver, triger, handle and preform a union boolean to combine these objects into one piece.

Split Parts for Printing

Measure how large each piece will need to be to fit on your printers platform.

Move the included skinny stick geometry to were the pieces will need to be split. Use the stick geometry to cut out the areas were the wooden skinny stick will hold the piece together. 

Now we can export the model along with the handle to print!

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