Skinny Sticks

To hold the blade pieces together, we'll use these flat wooden skinny sticks. These flat sticks will give the blade internal structural support.

Measure and Cut Sticks

Cut six pieces of sticks down to 42mm and three pieces down to 23mm, making a total of nine segments. The smaller sticks will connect the tip of the handle and the longer pieces will hold the blade parts together. Make sure to have straight clean cuts. Use flush diagonal cutters to assist you.

Dry fit

Test fit each skinny stick and ensure that the lengths are all equal. Shave off any excess, we don't want the sticks too long or short. We want each piece to have enough room to close any gaps between the two pieces.

Clean Grips

Use flush diagonal pliers to clean up all of the bits around the edges.

Test Handle Orientation

Take note which direction the handle tip connects to the gun's handle. It should point downwards with the chain and charm pendant.

Using Adhesives

Get yourself in a well ventilated area and prepare your workspace for gluing all the pieces together. Use gloves to aviod skin contact.

Apply drops in each slot and around the areas where each part will connect. Insert the skinny sticks into each slot and then spread even amounts of glue on each side of the sticks. Now we'll coat the connecting parts, add glue in each slot before piecing them together.


Coat the flat bottom of the NinjaFlex grips with glue and carefully lay on top of the handle.

Adjusting and curing

Gently move the grips around the handle until all sides are aligned. Make sure curves are not over the edge. Try gently holding it in your hand to feel for any misaligned edges.

It takes about a full day to completely cure, check back to ensure the handle hasn't moved. Using clamps to hold the grips down could leave pressure points or marks behind. Use a large flat piece of material to hold down the grips while they cure, if needed. 

Pendant charm

Glue the two printed parts together. Use a vice or a big binder clip to hold the pieces while the glue cures.

Add a medium sized split ring to the hanlde loop. Use flat pliers to bend the ring open and then carfuly wind the ring around the handle loop.  

Add a clasp to a small chain to connect the charm to the handle. This makes it fast to disconnect it when in combat!

Cure Time

After the handle grips have finished curing, continue gluing the rest of the blades.

Allow the blade to completely cure for a full day before swinging it around!


Once all of the pieces are completely cured, you are done!

It’s light weight, fun and easy to wield for your next cosplay event!

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