Mount Pi


Use M3x6mm long screws to secure the pi to bottom lid. Lay the board so the standoffs align with USB ports are over the opposite side.


First tap the standoffs by either using a tapping tool or by just screwing in the M3 screw to help create the threads in the standoff. 


Do the same for the Pi board. Turn the M3 screw into the mounting holes on the Pi board before mounting to create the threads. This will make hit easier to secure the board to the standoffs. 

Voice Hat


The voice hat comes with a header pre-soldered but we'll need to add plastic standoff to help level the board. 


Press fit the two plastic standoffs on the opposite side of the header. Now we can gently attach the head to the header pins on the Pi.


Be careful not to bend the pins. Apply a small amount of pressure to slot the head into the Pi.

Speaker wire


Next we can attach the speaker wires to the terminal block connections on the Voice Hat. Insert each wire into a terminal connector and then use a thin screwdriver to tighten the screw until it firmly grips each wire.


Mount Speaker


Now we'll need to insert the speaker into the walls of the main part. The standoffs on the main part are all angled 45 degrees to allow the screwdriver to fit a M3x6mm long screw to mount the speaker. 


Like before, first make the threads for each standoff by using a tapping tool or screws to create the threads for each standoff. 


Now insert the speaker with the wires facing down towards the Pi. This will keep them from interfering with the arcade button connections. 

Attach Bottom Lid


Now we can snap fit the bottom lid to the main part. Insert the lid at an angle so the USB ports fit. Next, we'll need to snap each nub into the side of the main part by applying a small amount of pressure.

Mic Mount


The microphone board will mount to the top lid part with the same M3x6mm long screws. Again, tap the standoffs first and then lay the board on top with cable port facing towards the button mounting hole. 


Button Mount


Now we'll need to mount the arcade button by twisting it into the mounting hole on the lid. Next we can attach each jumper wire into each pin like shown in the included diagram. 

Attach Top Lid


Each connector for the button and microphone is slotted and attaches to the top of the voice hat. Connect each and then position the wires to the bottom of the enclosure. 


Finally, we can position the lid on top of the main part and snap fit the in to place.

Ear assemble


To complete the last bit of details, we'll assemble the the ears together. Insert the small end of the pins into the ears. Apply a fair amount of pressure to fit the pins into the ears slots. Next, we'll fit the larger ends into the slots on the side of the main part. 


Use a twisting motion to help fit the pins into the mounting slots. 

Insert SD card


If you haven't done so already, follow the directions in the included instructions to burn the SD card image.


We use tweezers to to hold the card and slide into the slot. 


Make sure to insert the SD card before powering up the Pi.


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