Secure Icosahedron To Rod

Place the handle + rod + neopixel jewl assembly over the opening of the icosahedron. Press down until the d2m-led part snaps into place. Ensure the three mounting holes line up.

We need to secure the head of the mace to the d2m-led.stl part using 4x 4-40 (3/8 long) machine screws. Insert one screw into the one of the holes on the bottom of the part and use a screw driver to fasten the screw until goes through the d2m-led.stl and d2m-shell.stl.


You may find it easier to fasten a screw into each hole to "tap" and create threads before securing the two parts together.

Attach Spikes

Once the icosahedron is secured to the rod+handle assembly, we can work on attaching the 18 spikes to the icosahedron. I used super glue here because it dries fast and has a tight bond. Apply glue to the bottom of each spike and press it down onto one of the 18 faces of the icosahedron. Wait for the glue to dry before starting on the next spike. The tall spike, d2m-spike-top.stl is meant to attach to the head / top of the icosahedron.

Final Build

Wohoo! Our build is now complete. Press the button to turn on the circuit. When you need to recharge the battery, you can use an Adafruit Micro Charger or Adafruit Micro Charger Jack. Unscrew the pommel from the handle to access the battery or circuit. 

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