Insert Jewel To Holder

With most of our circuitry complete, let's start the assembly! Grab the wired NeoPixel Jewel and thread the end of the cable through the d2m-led.stl part. Then, press the NeoPixel Jewel into the holder until the PCB clips into place.

Insert USB To Cap

Next, thread the end of the cable from the NeoPixel Jewel through the d2m-cap.stl part.

Insert USB To Rod Handle

Now you can thread the wire from the NeoPixel Jewel through the rod.

Bond Holder To Cap

Next, we'll need to attach the d2m-led.stl part to d2m-cap.stl. I used super glue because it dries fast and has a great bond. Once dry, screw on the d2m-cap part onto the rod until they're fully tightened. 

Install Button to Pommel

 Now we can install the button to the pommel. First, we'll need to inser the JST switched breakout and Adafruit Trinket through the hole on the bottom of the pommel. Then, we can press the button in until it's flush with the bottom of the pommel.

Solder NeoPixel Wires to Trinket

Next, we'll need to connect the three wires from the NeoPixel Jewl to the Adafruit Trinket. Positive (red) to BAT+, Negative (ground) to GND, and Data Input to #0.

Final Circuit Test

With all of our connections complete we can test out our circuit. Plug in the JST connector from the battery to the JST connector on the JST switched breakout. Then, push the button until the circuit powers on.

Install Circuit Into Handle

We can fit the battery, JST breakout and Adafruit Trinket into the handle by carefully stuffing each component. You have to be very careful not to break any of the connections and ensure none of the pads from the components touch each other. Start by inserting the battery all the way into the handle. Then, the JST breakut, followed by the Adafruit Trinket. Once they're in a good spot, you can twist the pommel onto the end of the rod until they're fully tightened.

Apply Glue to Frame B

Now it's time to work on the head of the mace. I used E6000 adhesives to secure frame B to the icosahedron shell. Lightly apply glue to the edges and fit it over the top of the shell. Frame B should go over half of the shell - Frame A has an opening that needs to match up with the opening on the icosahedron.

Apply Glue to Frame A

Just like we did for frame B, apply some glue to the edges. Then, orient the frame so the opening lines up with the opening on the icosahedron. 

Join Two Frames Together

Firmly press the two halves together. I layed a 2.5lbs weight on top of the isosahedron to keep the two halves tight. Wait about an hour for the glue to fully cure.

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