Flora Band Pin Out Diagram

Each components pin is marked as reference points for making soldering process easier.

Mark Pinouts

Use a thing sharpie marker to make the reference dots. Follow the circuit diagram for the pin layout.

Make Holes

Use a fairly large needle to puncture the marked reference points. Strench them out so that the 30 gauge wire can thread through the body of the band.

Thread Wires

Use lengthy stripes of 30 gauge wire wrap to thread through the marked reference points. Pull the wires through so they are about half-way through the body of the band.

Tinning Flora Pads

It's best to tin the pads of the Flora with solder so that you can easily solder the wire once threaded to the body of the band.

Thread Flora

Align up the usb port of the flora with the cut out on the inside of the body. Thread the appropriate wire to the pads of the Flora.

Solder Flora

Strip the tips of the wires. Bend the striped tips of the wire on the Flora down so that they're secure while applying solder to the pads.

Secure Flora

Position flora into place by pressing down inside the body. It needs to be nice and flush with the band so the components are tightly packaged.

Thead NeoPixel Ring

Thread the appropriate wires to the NeoPixel ring and position it so its flush with the body of the band.

Secure NeoPixel Ring

Once the wires are threaded, bend down the wires so that the NeoPixel ring is secure while soldering.

Trim Wiring

Pull the access wire that's soldered on the NeoPixel so that it's flush to the band and trim the wire.

Solder Flora Wiring

Solder the 30 gauge wire to the appropriate pins on the NeoPixel Ring.

Trim NeoPixel Wiring

Trim the access wire using scissors or diagonal wire cutters.
The solder connections would be trimmed and clean for a nice look

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