Test traces

Before we connect the smaller Sequin LEDs, we'll want to check all the traces can actually flow electrons.

Do test this, we can simply connect any bare LED to each conductive pad. We can insert the coin cell into the battery holder and use a piece of copper foil tape to connect ground.

If the LED's are dim, thats OK - bare conductive paint will make the connetions more solid. It may be dimming because of how loosey the leads are touching the conductive pads.

Installing Adafruit LED Sequins

Place the LED Sequin onto one of the finger pads. Take note of the polarity. The positive and negative symbals are noted on each LED Sequin. Since we're connecting them in parallel, they need ordered in the same way. If you get confused which is positive or negative, just follow the traces. You can choose which trace (left or right) can be ground or positive. Once you've choosen, stick with it! The positive and negative symbals are also noted on most coin cell batteries.

Apply conductive paint

Bare conductive paint adheres well with conductive filament and NinjaFlex. We can use a couple of drops to help bind the Adafruit LED Sequins to the conductive pads.

Don't apply too much paint, you could end up connecting both sides of the LED!

Dry Time

Allow the Bare conductive paint to dry for at least 15 mins before testing flexibility.

Assemble straps

To connect the finger straps, feed the tab on the end of each strap through the slits on each of the fingers. Use a tweezer to help fit the tabs in.

Connect ground

Cut a small amount of silicone stranded wire and use two pieces of copper foil tape to connect the ground rail to the battery.

Test flexibility

Once the paint dries, do a quick flex test to make sure none of the LEDs lift when bending your fingers. If you notice any LEDs lift, apply a small amount of paint on the top of the LED pads. Run the paint from the top of the LED pad to the conductive filament pads on the glove.

Wear it!

The bare conductive paint adheres to the materials pretty well, but you can knock them loose with a lot of force and movement. If you do find yourself stressing,  small touch ups can be applied. Be sure not to touch or flex until the conductive paint dries.

You can also use UV / black lights help to boost light when using Glow in the dark NinjaFlex!

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