Remove Cover

These radial bearings have "non-removable" covers that keep the balls free from dirt and debris. In order to produce more spin, we'll need to remove them and clean out the grease from the balls. You can remove the covers from the bearings with a hobby knife. Press the tip of the blade into the inner side of the cover until it's punctured. 

Covers Removed

Then, use the tip of the blade to get underneath the indentation and lift it away from the bearing. It should then easily pop off.

Use one of your old pocket knives or a precision screwdriver you don't care about for this task!

Be extremely care not to cut yourself while doing this! Parental guidance is advised for younger makers.

Remove Grease

Inside the bearing you'll find 7 balls. Although they're pre-greased, the bearings don't spin as much as they could. Instead, we'll use a special bearing lubration mean for high performance. But first, we'll need to remove the grease. I recommend using a needel to scrape off chunks and a paper towel.

Clean Bearings

Once you've removed as much grease as you can, it's a good idea to apply some alcohol to the bearings. Alcohol helps break down the grease and them cleans out. Use a paper towel to soak up any excess alochol and rub them down.

Bearing Lubrication

Synthetic lubrication feature ultra-low viscosity which allows it to penetrate bearings to provide silky smooth performance. I used "Reel Butter" in this project, but any brand of bearing lube will provide good results.

Apply Lube

It only takes 2-3 drops of lubrication to loosen up the bearings. Once applied, spin the rings several times to work the solution into the balls.

Install Finger Rests

Finger rests will make it easier to gasp onto the center of the spinner and provides a guard. Start by insterting the cover with the nub into the center of the bearing. It's a tight fit, so you'll need to apply pressure. Press the nub until it's all the way through the bearing. Then, flip the bearing over and place the cover over the protruding nub. Sqeeze them tightly until they snap together.

Install Bearing Set

Now you can install the ball bearing into the spinner. It should have a pretty tight fit, so you'll need to apply some pressure to fit the bearing into the center of the spinner. Any that's it! Now you have a sweet little toy :-)

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