Clean Up The Print

Use a pair of flush diagonal cutter to clean up the deposits left over from printing

Masking Tape

Apply masking tape to the front of the helmet. Use a flat edge to get the side walls.

Cover it Up

Make sure to cover up the front visor area. One layer of masking tape is suffice.

Spray Paint

A coat of glossy golden spray paint will add shiny separation to the transperanet purple front.

Peel it

Wait about 45 mintues for the paint to dry and remove the masking tape. You can use tweezers to help get the stuck edges. 

Slide Switch

Build an off and on switch by shortening and soldering a JST extension cable to a slide switch as shown. Don't forget to add the heat shrink tube before soldering!

Measure and Cut NeoPixel Strips

Determine how long you'd like the LED strip to be and carefully cut the strip and sheathing. 

Solder Trinket

Solder the three silicone wires for power, ground and digital to the top of the trinket. Use a pair of third helping hands to secure hold the neopixel strips and trinket while soldering.

Solder Strips

Build a "Y" connection in the wiring to connect the two strips on each side of the helmet. Build another set with two on each side for a total of four strips for the front part of the helmet.

Strip Placement

Check the placement of the strips by spacing each from the center of the helmet.

Secure LED Strips to Helmet

Once your happy with the layout of the strips, secure each one down with your favorite adhesive. 

Foam Tape

Use small pieces of double sided foam tape to secure the trinkets right above the ears curves.


Arrange the wires along the top and back of the helmet to keep them out of the way.

Now your ready to code some animation into the two Trinkets!

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