PLA Filament

Optimized for printing in PLA material, due to the large build. PLA is more dimensionally stable than ABS when it comes to big prints. The helmet is shelled out and prints best with no support or raft material.

Customize Helmet

Fit the helmet to your head! Measure around the top part of your head, right above the ears and edit the dimensions inside the DP-helment.123dx file, keep the maximum build size in mind. You can even launch 123D Design right in your browser.

Before you start printing, make sure that you have enough filament to complete the build! You'll need 1.2 pounds of PLA to finish this giant helmet, so it's a good idea to weigh how much filament is on your spool.

Large Build

This jumbo helmet measures a massive 246mm x 226mm x 250mm and takes about 49 hours (3 Days) to print! 

Fuse Filament

If you notice your spool running low, you can heat up two filament ends together with a heating element like a nozzle from a 3D Printing Pen to fuse the ends.

Flexy Plate

Easy remove large print off the platform by using a flexable build plate.

Slicer Settings

For the best quality when printing with PLA, we recommend the following slice settings:

  • Retraction Speed: 800mm
  • Retraction Distance: 1.5mm
  • Speeds: 60/80
  • Shells: 2
  • Extruder Temp: 225c
  • Infill 10%
  • Support: Off
  • No Heated Bed

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