In this DIY project, we'll show you how to 3D print a Daft Punk helmet with Bluetooth controlled NeoPixel LEDs! You can use your smartphone or smartwatch to trigger animations and even change the colors of the NeoPixel LEDs with the Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

In a previous project we made Guy-Manuel’s helmet and 3D printed it in just one piece. This time around we wanted to make Thomas Bangalter’s helmet but this time we wanted to make it lighter, have the ability to see through it and even apply some finishing techniques.

Tools & Supplies

Here's a list of tools used to get this project completed. If you don't have access to a 3D printer, you can send your parts to to have them printed and shipped to you.

Light Painting with Daftpunk

Have fun with light painting photography!  

Shoot lazers from your eyes and ears!

Look _Amazing_ while you travel "Around The World"!

Lighter, Faster, Stronger!

Although this design looks very similar to Thomas Bangalter's Daftpunk helmet, it's not 100% accurate. There are some slight differences. Having said that, it is however light in weight, wearable and you can actually see through it!

Project Expectations 

This is a bit of an advanced endeavor and not well suited for a first time 3D printing + electronics project. The challenging portion of this project is the finishing techniques as it requires lots of time and elbow grease to sand, sand and sand some more! It requires a large working space, with well ventilation. 3D printing the parts "as is" requires a fairly large printing area (305mm cubed, ideally).

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