3D Printed Pieces

Thomas' Daftpunk helmet is split into three main pieces. The top, middle and bottom parts. The parts will need to be glued together using adhesives. These pieces feature pockets that allow wooden craft sticks to be inserted into them - This aligns the parts together and holds them in place while the glue sets.

Filament Materials

We recommend using PLA material to reduce wraping while 3D printing. The parts can be printed in different types of filament, such as ABS, PET or Nylon.

Slicer Settings

To slice the parts, we used Simplify3D. We recommend using the settings below or use them as reference. We 3D printed these parts on a Type A Machines Series 1 3D printer. If you have Simplify3D, you can download our profiles below.




220c extruder
90mm/s print speed
120mm/s travel speed
No supports 

top part takes about 7 hours

middle part takes about 9 hours

bottom part takes about 7 hours


visor template


30/45mm/s speeds

Battery holder for 2000mAh battery


30/45mm/s speeds

Battery holder for 2500mAh battery


The pocket areas of the parts may have tight tolerances. Test the tolerances by inserting a wood craft stick into each pocket. If sticks will not fit into the pockets, you may need to use a craft knife or filing tool to open up the area.

Bed Leveling

Any parts with large surface require a well leveled build plate. If your 3D printer features a heated bed, set it to 60c to minimize warping. Blue tapers tape, build tak, and sticky adhesives can help keep your part flat and adhere to the bed. You can optionally use a brim to help hold the part to the bed.

Head Size

The helmet was designed to fit a hat size of 7" 3/8. It's roomy, with enough space for electronics and even fits a head wearing glasses.

Customize The Design

The parts where designed in Autodesk Fusion 360. The design has been made public, and available to download in different formats. If you'd like to use a different CAD software package, you are free to import the files and remix them.

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