Importing Artwork

You can import SVG vector artwork into 123D Design web app for really customized molds. Use the import option in the menu to add your artwork. You will need to extrude your artwork to at least 2mm of height. Your casting can be as big as you'd like, so as long it fits within the boundaries of your 3d printers build plate. Just keep in mind, the bigger your casting, the more silicone material you will need.


We made our 8bit heart shape using the Polyline tool in 123D Design. Simply draw out a shape by clicking points to create lines and close the shape. With the shape selected, you can choose the extrude option in the floating menu under the gear icon. Try using a minimum height of 4mm so that your chocolate treats are thick enough to remove from the mold.

Pattern Repeat

Use the repeat pattern function in 123D to create an array of shapes for your casting. Remember the more shapes you create, the more material you will need to cover the casting. We were originally going to make a 3x3 tray but ended up with a 2x2 for testing material and a quick build. With your shape selected, go to the Pattern option in the top file menu, and select Rectangular Pattern. Now select the direction option in the floating menu and click on a line in your shape to choose the direction. In the quantity input box, type in the amount of copies you want. Now you can use the arrows to spread out the copies.

Making a Tray

With your shapes laid out, you will need to connect them together with a slab of plastic. Simply lay a primitive 1mm cube on the surface with a length and width that encompasses your shapes/artwork. Combine the shapes to the plane to make it into a tray.


You'll want to create a simple box enclosure to use for molding the bottom shape of the mold. Create a simple enclosure by placing down a primate cube and applying a 1mm shell function to the box. Just make sure the tray can fit inside the box. Use the measuring tool for checking distances and dimensions of shapes.

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