Dessert Materials

Chocolate, jello, candy, what ever type of sweet treat that is a liquid that turns to solid can be casted! Its up to you, we just happened to like chocolate ;-)

Preparing chocolate

Chocolate Melts are chips that can be microwaved to create liquid chocolate goodness. Depending on your mold, you will need to experiment on how many chips to microwave. We found each 8bit heart takes about 2-3 chips to fill. Microwave for 30 seconds. Check on it and stir with a stick. Sometimes the chocolate looks like its solid but quickly melts after its stirred. Don't over microwave the chocolate, it gets crunchy if you do and makes the molding process subpar.

Pouring the chocolate

Try pouring the chocolate higher up so that it makes a thin string, popping any bubbles on the way down. Start in one corner and let the chocolate flow over details. Air Bubbles are bad! so be sure to stir throughly.

Lollipop sticks

You can optionally add these sticks to make chocolate pops.


You can pop these newly molded treated in the fridge for 4-5minutes to quickly solidify the chocolate. To remove, simply flex the mold to pop out the chocolately goodness.

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