Weighing Scale

A weighing scale is great for measuring the an equal amount of compound. This stuff is a 2-part compound so you need to have mix the purple and white material together equally to make the silicone mold.

Easy Mold

This silicone putty is a food-safe material specially made for making custom food molds. You can pick this stuff up at your local crafty department store or amazon. It has a work time of 3 minutes and curates in just 25 minutes.

Needing Compounds

You will need to mix these two materials together in order to make the mold. Needing is the process of bending the two materials together until the mix is an evenly colored material. Try to do this quickly, you only have about 3-5 minutes until the material solidifies and you can't shape it anymore after that.

Applying Mold

Spread the mixed silicone putty onto the 3d printed tray casting. Try to event spread the material, getting all the creases and cavities. Once it's spread across the whole tray, use the enclosure box to shape the bottom of the mold. Press down on the enclosure to get out all the air bubbles that may be in the casting.


Let the mold dry for 20-25 minutes. Set a timer or something that will remind you. The mold won't damage or deform if its left longer, just don't forget about it.

Removing Mold from Casting

Carefully remove the mold from the cast by peeling it out. Be care not to break the tray, like we did in the corner there.

Inspect the quality

Take a close look at the mold and see if there are any imperfections. If you have bumpy areas that should be smooth, you may need to apply more pressure, removing any air bubbles that may have caused the bumps. If all is well, it's time to melt some chocolate!

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