Modify, Adjust & Tweak

The design source files are available to download if you're interested in making adjustments. The enclosure was designed in Autodesk Fusion 360. Use the public shared link below to access the design source. You can download the solids in your preferred CAD format (Fusion 360 Archive, STEP, SAT, IGS, etc.) by clicking on the dropdown labeled as download in the upper top right of the design source page.

User Parameters

It's really easy to make parametric adjustments by simply updating a user paramater. We took advantage of user parameters in Fusion 360 so you can easily make changes without having to  edit a sketch and update dimensions. It's parametrically driven, so design features will automatically update. Below are the available user parameters.

Snap Tolerances
This parameter allows you to change the overall tolerances of all of the areas that snap fit. It's set to 0.3mm by default.

Case Length
You can adjust the overall length of the case by increasing or lowering this value. By default the case is set to be 68mm long.

Case Height
Need it to be taller? Or maybe you want it to be as slim as possible. Adjust this value change the height of the case.

Case Thickness
More of an extra, you can make the case thinner or thicker. It's 1.5mm thick by default.

Mounting Tab Holes
Want bigger/smaller mounting holes? Lower/increase this value to adjust the overall diameter of the mount tab holes.

This guide was first published on Mar 29, 2017. It was last updated on May 13, 2024.

This page (CAD) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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