Using with iPhone

The phone adapter part works best with a naked/non-cased iPhone. You can take photos in either portrait or landscape by swiveling the adapter on the eye piece.

Tripod Mount

Tilt the FirstScope to a desirable angle and tighten the large knob to ensure the position is locked. Use your Tripod to reposition the tilt and pan across to get the full freedom of view. We recommend using a smooth rotating tripod head like the Manfrotto 701HDV.

Stabilize Your Shots

Use your hands to keep the telescope steady to minimize the shaking to get sharp photos. Keep one hand on the eye piece adjustable dial to keep it locked while trying to take photos.

Set Timer

Tapping the screen or hitting a button on the device actually causes a bit of shakiness, causing a blurry photo. For getting the sharp & focused photos, we recommend using a camera app that allows you to set a timer (like 2-5 seconds) so that you can allow the telescope time to stabilize before snapping a photo.

Map of the Sky

Check out the SkyWalk for iOS or Android getting an interactive map of the sky! Perfect for finding constellations, solar systems, satellites, stars and deep space.

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