Fusion360 Design

Tripod Mount

You can customize this part to fit any tripod. Use a caliper to get the measurements of your Tripod's mounting plate. Using a free CAD app like TinkerCad or Fusion360 Design, you can recreate the mounting plate and attach it to the scope-adap-top.stl part.

The scope-adap-top.stl part has 4 mounting holes for easily attaching it to the plate part. The holes are sized for M2.5x 10 screws.

Camera Phone Adapter

The phone adapter is optimized for the iPhone 5/5S, 6 an iPhone X. You can customize this part by using a caliper to take measurements of your camera phone and modifying the solids in Fusion360.

You can also edit the sketches that fit the telescope eyepiece, as it's sized to fit a standard 1.25' eye piece.

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