Rotating Base

You can easily remove the FirstScope from the rotating base by unscrewing the large knob and separating the telescope from the base. There is a one plastic washer and a metal washer that is in between the knob and the metal cylinder.

Tripod Mounting Adapter

The scope-adap-plate.stl and scope-adap-top.stl parts are secured together with 4 4x3/8 flat Philips screws.
Insert the FirstScope's metal cylinder screw into the hole of the scope-adap-top.stl part with the plastic and metal washers inserted on the opposite sides.
Place the large knob back on to the metal screw cylinder and tighten to secure it to the 3d printed mounting adapter.

Camera Phone Adapter

The camera phone adapter is optimized to fit on a iPhone 5/5s and designed to clip onto a stand 1.25' eye piece.
Press the eye piece into the adapter to snap it into place. The iPhone adapter fits best without a case.
The 1.25' standard eye piece is placed into the viewing lens part of the Celestron FirstScope. Tighten the two thumb-screws on the side to secure the eye piece.

Now you're ready for star gazing!

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