PLA @230
15% Infill
2 Shells
0.2 Layer Height
90/150 Speeds
Takes about 3 hours to print all parts.

Support Material


The iphone-adapter.stl part will need to printed with support material.


Most slicing software is capable of generating support structures to aid while printing overhangs.

Test for Tolerances

The scope-adap-plate.stl part has a hole at the top for inserting into the screw of the FirstScope. If the hole is too small, the adapter will be too tight and won't rotate as freely. To avoid tolerance issues, we recommend using a fan while printing.

Quick Release Plate

The scope-adap-plate.stl is a separate part that attaches to the bottom of the scope-adap-top.stl part. The plate part is designed to be compatible with Manfrotto quick release plates.

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