Slide Tips

  • Position your hand over top of the platform and apply force down while sliding - pushing / holding the camera causes shakes and stutters.
  • Practice easing in and out at the beginning and end of slides.
  • Get multiple takes sliding back and forth.

Framing Tips

  • Frame up your shots with the length of the railing in mind.
  • Hide behind something to reveal shots makes slides feel longer.
  • Pan while sliding across your scene to cover more in the shot.
  • Avoid wide shots that may appear to have no movement when sliding.
  • Get close up to mid range shots for best results.
  • Use a lens with a zoom.
  • Try different angles like up and down / backwards and forwards.
  • Take note of the weather conditions. Too much sun can cast nasty shadows casted by the camera

Slide it up!

There's lots of room for improvement. You can add another railing for making it longer. Try adding a motor to make it into a automated slider!

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