123D Design Project

All the parts are completely editable in 123D Design. The project file includes a sample of the slider railing, two different sizes and the original paths.

Customizing Legs

You can easily adjust the height of the legs by editing the facing in the 123D Design model. The default legs are 104mm wide, but can be as slim as 62mm.

123D Design Steps

  • Select the object and click on one of the faces on ends the legs.
  • Hover over the gear icon to select the Press/Pull option.
  • Click on the interactive arrow to increase the height of the object or enter a value in the distance input box.
  • Export the STL by selecting the option in the top 123D menu.

Customize Mounting Plate

You can easily adjust the 3d part in 123D Design. Simply push the groove down by an increment of .2 or .4 millimeters.
  • Select the object and click on the face you need to manipulate.
  • Hover over gear icon and select Press/Pull.
  • Enter a value in the distance input field or interactive with the arrow manipulator.
  • Export STL by selecting it under the top 123D file menu.

This guide was first published on Jul 07, 2014. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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