Mounting Plate

Start off by prepping the mounting plate. Insert the #6-32 nuts into the plate grooves. They should have a tight fit, you can use your thumb or the handle of the screwdriver to pop each one into place. The nuts will secure the screws that will hold the railing platform to the fluid video head.

Camera Screws

You will need a 1/4''-20 male thread to attach the plate to the fluid video head.
If your video head has a smaller thread you can use a 1/4" to 3/8" converter.

Attach Mount to Tripod Head

With the screw nuts facing down on the fluid head, attach the 1/4''-20 male thread screw with a flat head or a coin.

Screw it Flush

Make sure to fasten the 1/4''-20 screw until it is flush with the surface of the plate.

Install Platform to Slider

Slide the platform onto the slide by having the railing push out the plastic holder.
Do not try to attach onto the railing without the plastic insert! The insert keeps the ball bearings in while you fit the slider on. See the photos for more details on how to do this! If you lose a ball bearing or two, it'll still work but its best to keep them all in!

Tripod Head to Platform

Turn the video head upside down and align the plate to the railing platform. Keep it level by moving the platform to the middle of the rail.

Secure Platform to Tripod Mount

Add the four #6 32 x 1 in screws and tighten each with the screwdriver.

Slide Railing & Platform

With the platform securely mounted to the slider, it should freely slide along the railing.

Install Legs to Railing

Position the legs onto the ends of the railing and slide them in until the hole on the railing and legs line up. They should have a snuggle fit when attaching them.

Secure Legs to Railing

Tightly fasten two #6 32 x 3/4 in. screws with nuts to hold each leg on to the rail.

Add Screw Nuts

To ensure the screws don't get loose, add screw nuts to the bottom of the legs.

Grease It Up

If the slider isn't smooth enough for your liking, you can try using a few drops of Reel Butter Bearing Lube for making it really smooth!

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