Power Circuit

Use the JST extender to create a removable battery circuit. Cut and stripe the JST extender to about 30mm in length. Solder a pin on the slide switch to the positive wire of the JST extender. Use small pieces of shrink tubing to secure and protect the soldered connections.


Measure, cut and strip 3 strips of 30 gauge wire wrap to about 160mm in length. Group together the 3 wires and thread them through the middle hole in the 3d printed base that will hold the NeoPixel Ring.

Connecting NeoPixel Ring

Pull the wires through the base enough to mount the ring with a third helping hand Label each wire and solder them to the appropriate pins of the NeoPixel Ring.

Mounting NeoPixel Ring

Carefully bend the "IN" cable underneath the ring and pull each cable until it's taut. Align the NeoPixel ring into position and use double sided tape to secure the ring to the base.

Connecting Base to Hinge

Snap the hinge on to the base and nest the wires inside the cavity of the connector. Cut a small piece of a paper clip and slide it into the hole of the hinge securing the two pieces together.

Connecting Clip

Attach the clip to the other side of the connector and apply another piece of paper clip joining the three pieces together. Pull the wiring through the clip and leave a little bit of slack so the wires can curve around the inside the cavity of the clip.

Connecting Enclosure

Pull the wiring through the hole on the side of the enclosure and connect it to the clip by sliding it into place. Use electrical tape to secure the wires inside the clip cavity.

Connecting Trinket

Solder the wires to the appropriate pins on the 5V Trinket. GND wire connects to the GND pin while the positive wire connects to the 5V pin. You can choose which GIO pin will connect to the digital out signal of the NeoPixel ring, we used GIO#0. Connect the power circuit to the trinket by soldering one pin of the slide switch to GND and the other pin to the BAT positive pin. The GND pin should be shared to the NeoPixel and the power circuit.

Mounting Trinket + Battery

Carefully position the wired 5V Trinket into the enclosure. Align the USB port to the opening hole at the bottom of the enclosure. Position the 500mAh Lithium battery onto of the trinket wit the power circuit on top.
Plug the battery into the JST extender and insert the slide switch through the top opening by pressing it through the top hole of the enclosure.

Close up the enclosure by snapping the lid on and slide the switch on to power up the ring! The clip snaps onto most DLSR camera lenses such as the 100mm or 24-70mm prime lenses.

Since all-LEDs-on can be really power-consuming, we suggest adjusting the brightness with the NeoPixel setBrightness() command to 100 or less

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