Bigger and better!
This upgrade turns a 60x NeoPixel Ring into our biggest camera light yet. Featuring a universal hot shoe, the light can mount on ANY camera and ANY lens. This update uses the same micro-controller and battery.

You need 4 pieces of the 60x NeoPixel ring to make a full working LED ring! The pieces themselves do not come soldered together, so you will have to sold them! You can use two third-helping hands to assist in soldering the pieces together. A piece of shrink tubing added to the little grabbers ensure you don't mark up the PCBs.
Start by soldering just two pieces together. Once you've aligned them up, apply a line of solder from one connection to there other. Make two sets of halves and solder those together.
With two halves soldered together, you can orient the ring and the third-helping hands to a comfortable position. Align them up as best as you can and solder these together.
The neoring-60-top.stl and neoring-60-bottom.stl parts are the two pieces that snap together to make the large ring. The neoring-60-cap-top.stl and neoring-60-cap-bottom.stl parts are also two parts that snap together, these are to be printed in transparent PLA to diffuse the LEDs.
Join the two holder parts together by snapping the tabs on the ends together. Carefully insert the 60 NeoPixel ring into the assembled holder. Thread the wires through the hole of the neoring-60-bottom.stl and out the hinge connector.
The box.stl part houses the 500mAh lipo battery and Trinket. At the bottom of the enclosure, the opening with tabs allows the connector.stl part to mount to the hotshot.stl part to the enclosure.
Insert the connector.stl part inside the enclosure, through the bottom opening with the flat end facing up. Apply pressure to the corners of the connector to snap them into place.
Firmly slide the hotshoe.stl part through the connector.stl part were the two sides interlock. The small "T" shape on the side of the hotshoe.stl part meets with the "C" shape of the connector.stl part.

The 500mAh Lithium Ion Polymer battery is small enough to fit inside the box.stl enclosure but only provides about 30 minutes of use when powering 60 NeoPixels at a low brightness (we recommend a brightness setting of 20-ish). For full brightness, you'll need a bigger battery, 2200mAh or higher, or using a USB battery bank.

This guide was first published on Jan 30, 2014. It was last updated on Apr 17, 2014.

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