We designed a sleeve for the WatchMen so that it lines up with the graphics on the cover.  

The drop of blood was separately printed in red PLA so we could avoid having to paint the sleeve and to add depth to the artwork. Additional parts can be layered on top with adhesives or double sided tape. 

You can edit the dimensions along with any creative details to really customize your books!

Slicing Parts


Supports are required. Slice with setting for PLA material. 

The parts were sliced using CURA using the slice settings below.

  • PLA filament 220c extruder
  • 0.2 layer height
  • 10% gyroid infill
  • 60mm/s print speed
  • 60c heated bed



  • Support Extrusion Width: .2
  • Support Density: 4%
  • Support Overhang Angle: 70
  • Support Z Height: .21
  • Interface: Off
  • Support Roof: Off
  • Support Pattern: Zig Zag

Build Plate Adhesion 


  • Type: Brim
  • Line Count: 4
  • Brim on outside

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