Follow the circuit diagram above to connect the components. If your new to electronics, use a bread-board to prototype the circuit before soldering any connections.

Stereo Jack

Connect the most far left and right terminals to the R+ and L+ pins on the TPA2016. The middle terminal will connect to the R- pin. You will need to jump the R- and L- pins with a separate wire. We aren't using both channels, so you can also tie R+ and L+ together to make a basic 'stereo mix'

Slide Switch Adapter

Use a JST extension cable to create a slide switch adapter. The positive cable will split a connection to the two terminals of the slide switch. You will need to shorten the length of the JST extensions as short as possible. To avoid soldering the JST extension that is connected to the switch, use another JST extension to solder into VDD and GND pins.

Bone Conductor

The bone conductor transducer can be soldered to either the right or left audio channels.
Please note: Bone conductor transducer wires are soldered from the bottom of the amplifier for positioning the circuit into the 3d printed enclosure.

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