Stereo Headphone Jack

Start by placing the audio input jack into the bonebox-top.stl part by lightly pushing apart the clips and pushing the input jack into the opening. The jack should snap into place with the tips of the clip holding the input jack in place.

Slide Switch Adapter

The slide switch is pressed into the bonebox-top.stl part by pushing it into the opening. Once it's secured, set it aside.

Bone Conductor

The bone conductor transducer is secured to the bonebox-bottom.stl part with clips built into the part, similar to the bonebox-top.stl part. The metal plate is exposed so that it can transfer audio more efficiently.
Pull the bone conductor transducer and bonebox-bottom.stl part through the bonebox-case.stl part with the inner lip positioned towards the bottom.

Amplifier + Lipo Battery

Push the amplifier down into the bonebox-case.stl part, it should stop from hitting the bone conductor with the inner lip holding it in place.
The lipo battery is placed on top of the amplifier. The slide switch adapter and battery wiring should tightly fit into the bonebox-case.stl part.
Gently arrange the wires of the battery and slide switch adapter into the bonebox-case.stl part and snap the bonebox-top.stl piece into place.

Closing it up

Coil up the excess wiring of the bone conductor transducer and press fit the bonebox-bottom.stl into the bonebox-case.stl part. Now your bone conductor transducer is packaged up and ready to turn surfaces into speakers!

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