The only difference between the wiring for the Trinket M0 and Trinket Mini is a single GPIO pin swap. The Trinket M0 uses GPIO #0 and #2 while the Trinket Mini using GPIO #0 and #1.

Wiring for the Bionic Eye module is pretty simple.  Just power, ground and 2 GPIO pins for the servo control.  

  • Clip the connectors from the ends of the servos and the battery holder.  
  • Solder two short pieces of stranded hookup wire to the Bat and GND pins of the Trinket.
  • Strip and twist the ground wire together with the brown wires from the two servos and solder.
  • Strip and twist the Bat wire together with the red wires from the two servos and solder.
  • Thread some heat-shrink tubing onto the two battery wires, then splice these onto the Bat and GND wires from the Trinket & Servos.
  • Slide the heat-shrink over the splice and heat to shrink it.

Trinket M0 Circuit Diagram GPIO #0, #2

Trinket Mini Circuit Diagram GPIO #0, #1

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