The tiny sub-micro sized servos used in this project are somewhat fragile.  The cases are just snapped together and held in place by the metallic adhesive label.  To make a more robust motor assembly, we’ll join the two motors with a small 3D printed bracket and some epoxy.

Remove the labels

First remove the metallic adhesive label and clean the adhesive residue so the epoxy can bond directly to the plastic case.  If the top or bottom plates pop off in the process, gently snap them back on.

Test Fit

Test fit the servo and bracket as shown.  Make sure that you have both wires coming out the same end.

Apply Epoxy

  • Mix a small amount of epoxy and apply it to the side of one servo with a toothpick or other small applicator.
  • Align the bracket with the bottom edge of the servo.
  • Apply more epoxy to the bottom and lower side of the second servo and attach to the first servo against the side of the bracket.

Tape until Set

Double check the alignment and tape the assembly together until the epoxy is cured.

The completed motor module should look like the photo below:

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