Robot ideas often come to me as I peruse the Adafruit store... this time it was pair of desktop speakers that got me thinking about WALL-E and Short Circuit. The speakers reminded me of their eyes.

I thought to myself, "I wonder what earlier versions of WALL-E and Johnny 5 were like."

A few sketches later, I had a rough-cut on the head ready to go. It's a simple design, a U-joint and two armatures connected to two servos.
The red blocky-thing represents an Adafruit feedback servo - an incredibly useful component!
U-joints provide a huge amount of gestural freedom.
Limits in articulation are primarily a function of the armature... this is where feedback from the servos can come in useful; you'll be able to sense when a servo starts to bind.
It's a simple stack... all the 3D printed parts, with the exception of the base, can fit in the palm of your hand.

When you're ready, grab the 3D models and print-them-up in a color that suits your fancy; I choose black PLA to match the color of the speakers.
Print rod ends with a slow / fine setting for an optimal ball and socket fit. Everything else can be printed coarse and fast.

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