Mounting MAX9744

The MAX9744 will snap fit into the bottom.stl part with the 4 corner cylinders. The orientation doesn't matter. Gently press the amp down into the bottom part.

Mounting 1k Potentiometer

Panel mount style potentiometers should come with a washer and screw nut. Place the washer on the turning knob. Insert the knob of the pot into the cover.stl part with the terminal leads facing either the left or right side (as shown in the photo). Insert the screw nut onto of the knob and tighten it down to secure the pot to the cover.stl

Installing Cover

Carefully insert the cover.stl part into the bottom of the box part. The box part has an inner lip that allows the cover to snap into place. The tolerances may vary so you may need to secured the cover with either tape, glue or any other adhesive that will bind two plastic parts together.

Adding Speakers

Since the amplifier can pump 20 watts of power, you should use some equally capable speakers. In our project we upgraded a pair of Apple Pro Speakers. You can easily use any other type of stereo speakers. The positive and negative connections of the speakers should align up with the terminal blocks on the side. Use a small screw driver to loosen and tighten the screws of the terminal.

To ensure a secure connection, gently yank on each wire after clamping it into the terminal block, it should be a solid connection, not possible to yank out of place. Loose wires will be a problem!

Enclosing Amp Box

Line up the large opening on the side of the box.stl with the terminal blocks of the MAX9744. Gently press the box.stl part down, snapping it to the bottom.stl part.

Powering Amp

Connect 5-12VDC power to the board using a wall adapter.

Audio Input

Use a 3.5mm male/male cable to connect it to your favorite audio player like a computer or phone. Now your ready to pump some awesome sound!

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