Parts are optimized to print on a Makerbot Replicator 2 and sliced with Makerware. Download the parts from thingiverse and print them out using the recommended settings below.
max9744-cover.stl PLA @230
%15 infill
2 shells
0.2 layer height
90/150 speeds
about 20 minutes
max9744-box.stl - about an hour
max9744-bottom.stl - about 20 minutes
potknob.stl Ninjaflex @225
%15 infill
2 shells
0.2 layer height
45/150 speeds
about 15 minutes

Print in your Favorite Color

The cover, box and bottom parts of the enclosure were optimized for printing in PLA on a makerbot replicator 2. The cover.stl piece can be printed in a color to highlight, while the box and bottom parts can be colored in a matching color to create contrast.


The potknob.stl part was designed to print in Ninjaflex filament. The potknob.stl file is optimized to work with a panel mount 1k potentiometer.

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