You can make your very own Adabot with this DIY kit from Adafruit.

Our 3D printed kit is optimized for electronics.

The 16 piece design works on most printers and can be customized to fit your bot.

Print your robot in different colors to make it your own.


Tools & Supplies

Supports needed for:
• ada-head.stl
• ada-bodyL.stl
ABS @230
20% Infill
2 Shells
0.2 Layer Height
90/90 Speeds
Takes about 7 hours to print all parts

Support Material

The ada-head.stl and ada-bodyL.stl parts will need to printed with support material. Most slicing software is capable of generating support structures to aid while printing overhangs.

Attach Arms

Depending on the material used, you may need to bend the ends of the pins to fit them into the arm socket.

Support Removal

Use our trusty flat pliers to remove the support material from the around the legs and pin holes.

Join Body

Snap together the top and bottom body parts by angling the top and sliding both pins in from the back.

Attach Head

Position the pin where to slits are and insert the head at an angle while pushing and turning at the time.
Twist the head back and forth to loosen the joint up.

Add Face

Place the head facing the ground and slide each eye in to place one at a time. You can rotate the eyes freely once they are in. Insert the mouth the same way.

Attach Ears

Plug in the ear pin into the each ear and then pinch the pins ends to insert them in the head.

Add electronics!

Now get creative and add sensors and LEDs to your new robot friend! The mouth has a different wall thickness, so you can light up the mouth without affecting the eyes!

This guide was first published on Jun 11, 2014. It was last updated on Jun 11, 2014.