Scan face with Photogrammetry

You can import pictures or use the camera on you mobile to create the face geometry.

Use the Polycam app in photo mode to automatically snap pictures of all angles of your face or upload pictures taken from your library. 

Take at least 50 pictures of all sides of your face. Include the top of the head and underneath the chin to ensure geometry is created for the whole head. Find a comfortable chair to sit while someone takes pictures. Make sure not to move once picture taking has started! 

Process pictures

Upload photos for processing. Creating the mesh will take about 10 minutes after uploading all photos. You can preview and export an .obj file once completed.

Transfer the .obj file to a computer to clean up the mesh. 

Clean Scan

Upload the .obj file to to clean and add the socket geometry. 

Create a box around the unnecessary mesh. Change the box mode to "hole". Shift select the box and the imported head mesh.

Select the combine option in the tool bar to isolate the head.


Scale head

Resize the head to closely match the same size as the action figure head, around 19mm x 24mm x 25mm 

Measure ball joint

Carefully remove the head. Use skate lubricant to help the joint to loosen. Use calipers to measure the size of the ball joint.


Edit socket size

Adjust the size of the sphere and cylinder to match the size of the ball joint. Ninjaflex filament will need the sphere to be 1mm smaller to press fit the ball socket into the joint.

Align socket

Use the align tool to center the socket geometry to the head. 

Combine socket geometry 

Shift select the head and socket. Select the combine option to apply the ball socket geometry to the inside of the head.

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