Flexible Headband Covers

Choose your headphone design and 3D print them using Ninjaflex Cheetah filament.

  • Cat ears headband
  • Unicorn horn headband
  • Mouse ears headband
  • Horns headband
  • LEGO compatible headband

NinjaFlex Slice Settings

Use the following settings for printing Ninjaflex Cheetah filament.

  • 230C nozzle temperature
  • 50C heated bed
  • 0.4mm line width extrusion
  • 2 shell count
  • 5 top and bottom layers
  • 40-45mm printing speed
  • 0% infill
  • Retraction: 1mm (Direct Drive)
  • Retraction: off (Bowden Drive)
  • Retraction Speed: 30mm/s
  • Combing Mode: Off

Design Set

Additional designs include a 2x16 LEGO compatible flexible base.

Headband featuring a Blinka typeface for fans of CircuitPython and Blinka.

Snap Fit Ear Covers

Ear covers designed for snap fitting onto AirPod Max headphones.

Left and right ear covers are designed for PLA filament.

Featuring a 8x8 LEGO compatible base plate for ear covers.

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