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OMG, isn't that just the cutest PiTFT display? The Adafruit 2.2" PiTFT HAT is a perfect mini display for all sorts of Raspberry Pi projects. In this project, we're going to 3D print an enclosure to fit the Pi A+ and the 2.2" PiTFT. There's openings for HDMI, microUSB, A/V jack, USB and SD card. There's also rubber buttons for the 4-tactile switches on the display.

Prerequisites Guide

Ready through the following guides to get catch up on how the display works and options to run OpenGL based games.

Tools & Supplies

If you don't already have the tools and supplies, you can order by clicking on the thumbanils on the right side.


You only need a Raspberry Pi Model A+ and the 2.2" PiTFT for this project, but if you want this to be portable, you need a 5V USB battery pack.

Mini Astrobox

With this project, we can make a small astrobox that puts our 3D printer on the Wifi Network. The Astroprint image is easy to install and lets us control the printer with any device on the network.

Simple, easy and cute!

This is a very simple project using the raspberry pi a+ and PiTFT 2.2" display. 
There's minimal soldering involved and it's really easy to put together. Power via USB on computer or portable battery. It's almost as simple as the enclosure appears.

  • 2.2" PiTFT is the smallest display in Pi HAT format
  • The covers feature standoffs with pegs for mouting to PCBs - no screws, adhesives or extra hardware 
  • PiTFT features ready to burn image with preconfigs for Raspbian - the guide has links to download and full documentation
  • Use chromium in kiosk mode for astrobox
  • Retropie works and you could play emulators

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