I Don't Own a 3D Printer, Help!

Check with your local hacker/maker space, library or a 3D printer directory like 3D Hubs. You can send the STL files to a local 3D printing operator.

Type in your location and get a list of available makers!

Printers & Materials

To print the parts, the 3D printer will need a bed with a minimum size of 100mm x 100mm x 50mm. Prints the parts with no support material. Use the slice settings below for reference.

Parts should be good to print as is. Orientation should be flat and centered on the bed.


bottom of case


case frame



print two


top of case

4 top/bottom layers


rubber buttons

print with ninjaflex. 240c extruder with printing speed of 30mm/s

Slice settings for Printrbot Simple Metal in CURA

  • 8% Infill
  • 1mm shell
  • 0.2mm layer height
  • .8mm top/bottom layers
  • 208c temperature
  • Skirt 3mm distance / 1 line count
  • Print speed 40mm/s
  • Travel speed 70mm/s
  • Retraction 30mm/s speed 
  • Retraction distance 1mm

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