Handle Screws


Use 2.5x5mm long screws to attach the printed faux "screws" to the sides of the handle.

Fasten the M2.5 screws to the printed faux "screws" and then fasten to the handle as seen in the picture.

The two bottom screw hole are for the attaching the pommel.



Attach the pommel to the end of the handle with two M2.5x5mm long screws on each side of the handle.

Collet wires


Thread the JST Extension wire through the two holes around the center of the collet as shown.

Pass the jack end of the JST through the center.

Loop the socket end of the JST wire out of the one of the holes on the collet.


Attach CPX mount


Fasten the Circuit Playground mount to the end of the collet with three M2.5x6mm long screws.

Connect the jack end of the JST extension wire to the Circuit Playground.

Attach the Circuit Playground to the mount with M3x5mm screws.



Align the screw holes on the handle to the screw holes on each dome and then fasten with M2.5x6mm long screws. 





Insert the two frame parts into the collet and then over each dome. 

Use M2.5x5mm long screws to attach both frames together.

The excess JST wires wrap around the base of the frame and hidden around the collet.



Insert the cylindrical battery into the handle with the wires faces outward. 


Pass the battery wire through one of the holes inside the collet.

Fasten the handle to the collet with two M2.5x6mm long screws.

To turn it on, just connect the battery cable to the JST extension and that’s it!

We hope this inspires you to use CircuitPython in your cosplay projects and check out Adafruit’s Circuit Playground Express.


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