Retro Pixel Display

This is a square pixel display that uses an 32x32 RGB matrix display. It's powered by the Feather RP2040 and RGB Matrix FeatherWing. This runs CircuitPython and the Matrix Portal Library to play animated sprite sheets on the display.

RP2040 & RGB Matrices

The Feather RP2040 and RGB Matrix FeatherWing are mounted to a 3D printed frame on the back of the display. Paired with the FeatherWing Doubler, it’s easy to swap out the Feathers for future projects. 

Black LED Acrylic

A sheet of black LED acrylic fits over the display and diffuses the LEDs. The 3D printed grid fits over the PCB with each LED enclosed in a square. This separates each LED and blocks the light from leaking into each square.

Prerequisite Guides

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