What Is OctoPrint?

OctoPrint is a piece of software for the Raspberry Pi (or other platforms) that allows you to wirelessly control and monitor a 3D printer. It's host software that turns the Raspberry Pi into a server, adding a web interface. For a full list of features and functionalty, please check out the OctoPrint website.

Why Would I want OctoPrint?

Ideally, if you're tired of walking up to your printer and inserting/removing an SD card. If your 3D printer is not near your workspace (or tetherd to your desktop/laptop) and you want to quickly preheat / home axises without having to fiddle with the on-board screen (if the 3D printer even has one). 

OctoPrint & Raspberry Pi

This project adds a touch screen display directly to the Raspberry Pi. An Adafruit PiTFT can be used to display the graphical interface of OctoPrint. There is no soldering or laborious assembly required - it's actually pretty easy!

Touch UI Plugin for OctoPrint

The Touch UI plugin adds a mobile friendy, responsive layout to the OctoPrint web interface. It's an easy to install add-on that auto-detects a devices screen resolution and enables large controls ideal for small touch screen displays. Check out the Touch UI plugin page for more information.


  • Raspberry Pi 2/3
  • Adafruit 3.5" PiTFT Plus 480x320 Resistive Touch Display
  • 4GB SD Card
  • USB WiFi Dongle
  • USB Keyboard

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