This tutorial is for the original 2.8" TFT breakout, we have an updated tutorial now at for the most recent version of this product, but are keeping this tutorial for historical reference
The TFT LCD requires a lot of pins to use with your processor. We have two breakouts available which you can use depending on your application.
The first (right hand side) is a single 1x20 header strip with 0.1" spacing. This is perfect for breadboard use or if you have to do some hand wiring. You can use 'straight' header or 'right angle' header so that it stands up straight (although it may be harder to touch if its soldered this way).

To solder the header, we suggest placing a 20pin strip of header, long pins down into a breadboard.
Place the LCD on top and solder each pin.
The second is a 2x10 dual header strip with 0.1" spacing. This is perfect for use with an IDC cable for remote access. We suggest a 6" cable but you might be able to use a 12" one, it depends on how fast you're writing to the screen (faster means a shorter cable required).
This cable is a 2x5 not 2x10 but its what the larger cable will look like

You can pick up a socket-socket cable from digikey for $2 - they're also available from any other electronics shop.

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