This tutorial is for the original 2.8" TFT breakout, we have an updated tutorial now at for the most recent version of this product, but are keeping this tutorial for historical reference
We have an example sketch in the library showing how to display full color bitmap images stored on an SD card. You'll need an SD or microSD breakout board such as this one.

Modern versions of the Arduino software (0023, or 1.0 or later) already include an SD card library. If you're holding out with an old version of the Arduino IDE, you can download our library here. Click the Download ZIP button, uncompress the archive and rename the resulting folder to “SD”. Move this folder into your Arduino libraries folder (usually [home]/Documents/Arduino/Libraries) and restart the IDE.

Wire up the TFT as we have before (see previous page) and then wire up the microSD card breakout.

On an Uno/Duemilanove you will want to use the following connections: Connect the SD card with DI going to pin 11, DO going to pin 12 and SCK going to pin 13 (this is standard on all our shields) Then pin 10 goes to CS. For MEGA, check the SPI connections go to the Mega's SPI pins (not 10-13)

Copy the woof.bmp and miniwoof.bmp files to a microSD card and insert it into the breakout. Run the tftbmp example sketch in the TFTLCD library, you should see the images show up. If not, check the serial monitor for hints as to why it may not be working.

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