I was just looking through the datasheet and I notice there is an SPI interface available. Why do you use the parallel interface? SPI would be better fewer pins!
Even though the display driver supports SPI, we have not found any displays that could use it - the pins are simply not available on the display connector. Also, SPI would be incredibly, frustratingly slow for such a large screen. If you need an SPI display, check out many of our other offerings, nearly all support SPI-like protocols!
All the pins are used! How can I connect anything to the Arduino??
We suggest using a protoshield (with stacking headers) or a proto-screwshield to access the unused pins (2, 3, and analog 4 and 5). You can connect various i2c sensors or analog sensors to analog 4&5. You can also connect an i2c port expander to get more I/O pins. If you desperately need more pins, and you're careful, you can use the 8 datapins while the TFT isn't being written to - they are high-z and unused as long as the WR and RD pins are high

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