Build a Roland 808-style step sequencer to trigger multiple drum tracks in your digital audio workstation (DAW), such as GarageBand or Ableton, over USB MIDI. All built in CircuitPython, and easy to customize.


Angled shot of short black microcontroller.
A wild Kee Boar appears! It’s a shiny KB2040! An Arduino Pro Micro-shaped board for Keebs with RP2040. (#keeblife 4 evah) A lot of folks like using Adafruit...
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Video of a Adafruit AW9523 GPIO Expander and LED Driver Breakout connected to a LED changing colors.
Expand your project possibilities, with the Adafruit AW9523 GPIO Expander and LED Driver Breakout - a cute and powerful I2C expander with a lot of tricks up its...
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Overhead video of an assembled 14-segment LED backpack, emitting the follow text in red LEDS: "AdaFruit 14-Segment Backpack"
Display, elegantly, 012345678 or 9! Gaze, hypnotized, at ABCDEFGHIJKLM - well it can display the whole alphabet. You get the point. This is a nice, bright alphanumeric display that...
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Overhead shot of PCB panel contain two rows of five step-switch breakouts.
A couple of months ago we started carrying packs of colorful step switches reminiscent of the
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1 x Large Solderless Breadboard
Large Solderless Breadboard
1 x Hook-up Wire Spool Set
Hook-up Wire Spool Set - 22AWG Solid Core - 10 x 25ft
6 x Step Switch w LED
Three Pack PB86

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