The Circuit Diagram


The slide switchs connect to the EN and GND pins on each PowerBoost1000C.

The 6600mAh batteries plugs into the JST connector on the PowerBoost1000C. You can charge the battery by connecting a microUSB cable.

Raspberry Pi 2:

Positive+ and -Negative pins on the PowerBoost1000C connect to the Pi on GPIO #2 for 5V power and GPIO # 6 for ground.

PAM8302 Audio Amplifier:

GPIO #1 (3V) on the Pi connects to VIN on the PAM8302. GPIO #9 connects to GND on the PAM8302. The +Postive and -Negative connections are wired to the A+ and A- on the PAM8302.

The Audio jack plugs into the audio port on the Pi. 

Display Driver:

+Positive and -Negative pins on the PowerBoost1000C connect to the 12V and GND labeled on the Display Driver.

The Slim HDMI cable connects to the HDMI port on the Raspberry Pi.

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