Raspberry Pi Tablet

This project showcases the scalibility of a 3D printed project for the Raspberry Pi. You've see this sorta thing before, an all-in-one portable Raspberry Pi fitted in a nice little 3D printed package with a PiTFT display. So, surely it's trivial to scale that up with the best screen in the shop!

Make it bigger!

This project takes the DIY approach with no compromises in cost. The cost of this build is easily goes over low budget DIY projects, but it's ment to be premium build. It will be used for monitoring and wirelessly controlling a farm of printers. A dedicated linux box with a decent sized screen could cost about the same amount, but when the process of building a project is more meaningful than getting the cheapest deal, this sorta thing becomes a trophy item as well as a functioning utility. Also, we can mount it to anything and design custom brackets to adjust it in any configuration, and that's pretty darn cool.

Parts List

This are the parts we used in this project, but it can be customized. e.g If you'd like to only have the Raspbery Pi and display. You will need some hardware to mount the components and secure the enclosure.


Here's a list of useful tool we used to get this project completed. 

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